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Motorola EX600 Compact Portable Radio


Motorola EX600 Compact  Motorola EX600 Compact  (Click Image to Enlarge)




Radio hardware features:

  • 16 Position Rotary Channel Selector with Stop
  • 2 Programmable Side Buttons

Operator friendly controls and features include:

  • Large Rotary Channel Selector
  • Rotary On/OFF and Volume Control
  • Accessory Connector for convenient access
  • Battery Latch Lock
  • Large Textured PTT
  • Spring Action Belt Clip
  • Rugged, Die-Cast Chassis
  • 2 Programmable Option Buttons

Motorola EX600XLS

Motorola’s Expert Line of two-way Radios will keep you well connected. As a high-level professional, you know that staying on top depends on fast response. To succeed, you have to be ready to move at a moment’s notice – and be able to connect instantly with the right colleagues and information. The innovative Motorola EX500 conventional two-way portable radio is designed to give you exactly that.

Power and versatility are yours with the advanced Motorola EX600 ·XLS radio. At just 9.5 ounces, this full-keypad portable radio is remarkable compact and lightweight – perfect for professionals on the go. This Expert Series radio has many outstanding features that are designed to meet virtually every communication need. Six programmable buttons allow you to customize your EX600’s operations to suit your requirements. A full range of signaling capabilities lets you control transmissions with extraordinary precision and dual mode operation capability allows users to switch between LTR and conventional modes at the touch of a button. The radio has user-friendly icons on its large 14-character alphanumeric display which provide clear understandable information at a glance. The Motorola EX600·XLS radio offers a superior communication capabilities you need to keep productivity at their highest.

Motorola EX600XLS Features

The EX600 has the following features:

  • 160 Conventional Channels or 15 Trunked Zones with 16 Talkgroups each
  • 14-Character Alphanumeric Display
  • U ser-friendly icons that provide clear, easy-to-read indicators including:
  • Zone, Talkgroup, and Channel Indicator
  • Indetifies alias for Trunked zone, talkgroup, and conventional channels
  • Battery Gauge
  • Indicates battery strength levels for effective power management
  • Radio Strength Signal Indicator (RSSI)
  • Displays radio’s signal and strength levels at a glance
  • 6 Programmable Buttons
  • Immediate a ccess to your favorite features
  • Adjustable Power Levels
  • Help optimize coverage and battery life
  • Dual Priority Channel Scan
  • Program radio to frequently scan transmissions on your two most important channels, to ensure that you don't miss critical calls
  • Monitor/Permanent Monitor
  • Quickly and easily monitor a specific channel
  • Repeater Talkaround
  • Unit-to-unit communication allows radios to bypass the repeater when necessary to help ensure continuous radio contact
  • Home Channel Revert
  • A utomatically access a preferred channel
  • Control Buttons
  • E asily manage menu, navigation, and exit functions
  • Telephone Interconnect Capability
  • Place and receive phone calls with the radio
  • Emergency Button
  • Sounds an alarm or alerts dispatcher in urgent situations
  • Small Size and Light Weight
  • X-Pand Audio Enhancement
  • Internal VOX
  • H ands-free operation with headset
  • 2 Programmable Buttons
  • Immediate access to your favorite features
  • High/low power adjustments to conserve battery life
  • Scan mode to scan channels for activity
  • Monitor transmissions to locate clear channels
  • Conventional Talkaround
  • Unit-to-unit communication, bypassing the repeater
  • Quik Call II™ and MDC1200 Signaling
  • Send and receive information in a variety of ways, including:
  • Push-to-Talk ID (Encode/Decode)
  • Identifies your outgoing calls and incoming callers
  • Selective Call (Encode/Decode)
  • Sends and receive a call from a specific group or individual
  • Call Alert (Encode/Decode)
  • Inform unavailable users that you're trying to reach them and receive alerts of incoming calls when you're away from your radio
  • Radio Check (Encode/Decode)
  • Learn whether another user's radio is activated and to let others know your radio status
  • Emergency (Encode)
  • Sounds an alarm or alert dispatcher in urgent situations
  • Selective Radio Inhibit (Decode)
  • Allows system owner to disable stolen or missing radios

Motorola EX600·XLS Models


  • AAH38KDH9DU6-N
    EX600 XLS VHF (136-174MHz) 160 Channel 1-5 Watt
    Portable Radio


  • AAH38RDH9DU6-N
    EX600 XLS UHF (403-470-MHz) 160 Channel 1-4 Watt
    Portable Radio
  • AAH38SDH9DU6-N
    EX600 XLS UHF (450-470MHz) 160 Channel 1-4 Watt
    Portable Radio

All Motorola EX600·XLS Models Include:

Standard Battery – (VHF/UHF Li-ion1300 MAh 7.5v)
Standard 120v Rapid Rate Intelli-Charger
Standard Antenna
Carry Holster
User Guide
3 -Year Warranty

Motorola EX600·XLS Applications

The EX600·XLS Series Radios can be used for a variety of applications. Here are a few examples of some key industries:


EX Series Radios are ideal for hotel management, food & beverage, concierge service, valet parking, and more. These small, sophisticated radios are preferred for powerful communication, with professional look. The radio's small size also works well in Casinos where they can be used discreetly.

Event Management

Compact EX Series Radios help event planners stay well connected to ensure every event – from corporate meetings and functions to major sporting and philanthropic events-- is a success. Golf tournament officials keep these radios in the palm of their hand to finalize rulings, maintain leader board scoring, check on the latest weather updates, and manage crowd control.

Security/Public Safety

The EX Series Radios are excellent for security or public safety users, who want a small radio to place in a discrete location or even a pocket. Police Sergeants to Fire Chiefs can enjoy the benefit of utilizing a powerful radio that won't weigh them down.


The compact and lightweight EX Series Radio makes it easier for manufacturing workers and management to step up communications without being weighed down

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